Last time I was back in the UK we (my mum, dad and husband) made a small detour to Cardiff. As you can from the pictures below we packed in quite a lot and had a fun filled day – I’l let the photos tell the story


My husbands family own an apparent looking over the harbor/waterfront (not sure what its called!) Picture dosn’t do it any justice – of course everything looks better in the sunshine.


In the morning we walked from the apartment to the harbor for some breakfast but not before posing with some rather interesting status.

DSCF5567And a fun family cut out! In this area you will finds lots of cafes and restaurants to choose from, open early – late, they also have some rather cool boutique shops which of course I had to pop into.


Next to the harbor is a fun fair which was actually really cool – i’m not sure if I was so impressed because a) you don’t see this sort of thing in Dubai or b) its been donkey years since I last visited a fair.


As you can see here their is actually an area where they have imported sand and made a made made beach – they added a load of cute stripped sun deck chairs and pool! Unfortunately the weather wasnt really quite right (even thought it was Summer!)


Gareth trying and failing to win a much needed teddy bear!


After about 30 minutes walking around the fun fair (lets be honest when you dot have kids you can spend much more time) we walked back to the harbor and got a boat/water taxi to the other side of Cardiff and my husband had to stop an obligatory picture by a Welsh flag (as he is half Welsh)


We then made our way to Cardiff castle and had fun with props they had on offer!!



A day in Cardiff



We ate lunch in the city center and then headed back to the apartment for the evening but not before strolling through one of the City’s many parks