So quite often, in fact most of the time I ask myself in the morning – can I really be bothered to get dressed up today? Do I really need to walk around in uncomfortable heels all day? Wear that tight fitted skirt/top/pants/dress and feel conscious? Bother with jewelry? And coordinating my whole outfit?

We all know the answer but honestly I think it can be worth it. Those days where I make the extra effort I feel more confident which I guess is what power dressing is all about right?

Today’s outfit got me thinking about power dressing and what does it mean – to me its just putting in some extra effort to make myself feel good!

#OOTD Power dressing


#OOTD Power dressing

#OOTD Power dressing

#OOTD Power dressing



#OOTD Power dressing




Here are some tips on how to power dressing:


Adding a blazer to your outfit is one of the easiest tips for modern power dressing. A well fitted blazer will instantly smarten up your outfit. For a corporate look, team a tailored blazer with cigarette pants and patent pumps. Right now the trend is for matching suit sets which is lucky for us as it just screams power dressing.

My cropped jacket was brought last year from Max&Co. in Midriff shopping center, but the store has just opened in Marina Mall, its not a cheap brand, Ted Backer price but you will find some really cute items


A classic tip for power dressing is to wear well fitting, tailored clothing. This applies just as much when it comes to modern power dressing. Things like hemming your pants or adjusting the waistline of a blazer can all make a difference. Making sure that clothes are the right fit for you will not only look more flattering, but be more comfortable as well.

My Skirt was brought recently from Marks & Spenser , M&S is an interesting shop and not on my normal shopping route but offers the odd really stylish number


You don’t have to stick to fitted, tailored clothes all the time. Another way to work some power dressing magic into your wardrobe is with luxurious fabrics. Fabrics like silk and cashmere are perfect for modern power dressing. They’re a bit of a splurge but will feel a lot better than wearing cheap fibres against your #skin.


When you’re choosing jewellery for your outfit, keep it classy and elegant. You want pieces that are stylish but not too trend-based or overpowering. Keep jewellery simple and avoid anything too costume-y. Chunky man-style watches are a stylish option if you want a bolder piece of jewellery that is still fairly classic.

My earring where brought from Splash 


While black and grey colours are pretty standard for a corporate setting, experiment with colour where you can. Right now we’re seeing a lot of designers embracing boldly coloured matching suit sets. If the occasion allows for it, try wearing a brightly coloured outfit. Red, yellow, orange, blue – take your pick! Alternatively, try adding some colour in the form of accessories like your shoes or a #bag. Either way, a strong dose of colour will give off powerful vibes.

My yellow top was brought recently from Mango


Shoes can say a lot about a person. When it comes to power dressing, a pair of heels is an instant confidence booster. In most cases, you can’t go wrong with a basic black pair of pumps. Choose ones in a patent finish with a more pointed toe for a bit of extra oomph. If you’re in a more creative setting, experiment with different shoe styles that best fit your personality.

My shoes where a very happy purchase from CottonOn cheap as chips and also very comfortable!


Now this probably should have been number as this is the most important tip! When it comes to modern power dressing, you’ve got to wear what you love. If you’re wearing something that is ill-fitting or not your style, it’s probably going to show. Being confident in your looks is a major part of oozing confidence and power. It’s all about owning your outfit and your look.