So I discovered Terranova in Yas Mall and thought I would share my purchases with you in this – what do you think of them?

Basically the shop is Super doper cheap! Their is loads of rubbish in their but if you fancy a quick shopping fix this is your shop.

Perfect for:

  • Throw away tees
  • Sports wear
  • Nightwear

I have since discovered Terranova is an Italian fashion brand, easy to live, wear and buy.

Origins. In 1961, Vittorio Tadei starts his adventure of entrepreneurship in Rimini, a lovely Italian coastal city, full of beautiful girls on holiday. After establishing Teddy, in 1988 he created Terranova. Today he employs more than 4,000 people, earns some money and can’t wait to go to Heaven. Well, we can say that Terranova has been recording impressive results and seen a steady growth over the last 20 years. However, those working in our headquarters are aware that this ‘success’ is not the real goal of our business philosophy, as there is more than this.

Friendly, casual, straight, fast. FAST FASHION and LOW COST. That’s all, for now.

Here are some of my top Terranova picks




Terranove Facebook Page

Terranove Website

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