Endless Ways To Style A Midi Skirt

Midi skirts. So elegant. So stylish. So exactly like something Audrey Hepburn would wear..

… right up to the moment you look in the mirror, and discover that the midi skirt you thought would look SO chic hasn’t magically turned you into Audrey, Ultimate Style Icon. No, your midi skirt has only gone and transformed you into Audrey, the little old lady from down the road, instead. She’s 92, you know. And she’s got no time for all this ‘fashion’ nonsense, let me tell you, because she’s got to get to the shop before it closes, and buy young Jimmy some kippers for his tea, and… wait, where was I?

Oh yeah: midi skirts. They’re problematic, is what I’m trying to say here. Or they CAN be. In the wrong hands, they can end up looking downright frumpy see here a fabulous example from www.foreveramber.co.uk


black midi skirt and stripe bardot top with red shoes


black midi skirt and stripe bardot top with red shoes

Take a look below of how to get it right – you will discover endless ways to style a midi skirt in the right way


Gala Gonzalez of Amlul

PHOTO: Gala Gonzalez of Amlul


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