Buddha Bar Dubai – Grosvenor House Hotel

So not to long ago my boyfriends mum and friend cam out to stay with us and we where out night of course for dinner.

One of the best nights by far was Buddha Bar and this opinion was shared by all

Here is a little pic pre-dinner

Buddha Bar Dubai

Buddha Bar Dubai

So why is Buddha Bar Dubai so good?

These are my thoughts on the matter:

  1. The atmosphere – I am a totally sucker for cool, quirky, unique, dark vibes and this pretty much ticks all those boxes.
  2. The food – everything we all ate was super yummy ( you do pay a lot for it though!)

And that’s it these are my two main criteria for eating out!

To be honest as all ready said the price is very high and service was not that good but it does not matter I LOVE the place.

I didnt actually take any more pictures but here is a professional shot of inside Buddha Bar at night, the first photo is Buddha Bar in the day

Check out more details on the Buddha Bar website here

Buddha Bar is located in the Grosvenor House, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Dubai

Here is what I wore:

#OOTD White and Black Contrast

Full post here on where the items are from