Shopping in Coast is a brand new amazing experience

So have you been shopping Coast recently? Its just not one of those shops I never really thought to enter. Why? I guest I always just thought 16 year old prom dress – I was wrong!

I happened to have some downtown in Dubai Mall and thought I would have a browse – the outcome was very expensive but oh so rewarding! I brought two skirts, one being the below and the other a similar length and volume but pleated plum/grey.

I have worn the below twice now and each time feeling amazing and showered in compliments! Today I wore the skirt with yellow strappy top from Mango, Grey boots form Topshop and Grey bag from Marc Jacobs.

Shopping in Coast

Shopping in Coast

Shopping in Coast


CSC_0102 (2)

CSC_0109 (3)

CSC_0124 (2)

CSC_0108 (2)

Both skirts cost 1,000 AED.

Check out Coast today for an amazing Christmas collection – I have to stay well clear as meant to be saving for my wedding!!

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