This dress is from Max&Co, an Italian brand, Located in Midriff City Center in Dubai and soon to be available in Maria Mall – Yahhhh

I brought this dress last year for an event in the store, I love the colour and length. I am pretty short so maxi’s drown me and they sit in the boot of my car, waiting to get taken to Satwa to get altered for months on months so this dress was the perfect length.

On a side not regarding alternations, never EVER take you clothes to be altered at Stitch in Time, I think its called that, it on the ground floor of Dubai Mall, located next to Waitrose. I took 3 items their a few months ago to get altered and it cost me nearly 450 AED, it would have cost a mean 50 AED at my local Taylor in Satwa! A MASSIVE rip off – never go!!!

#OOTD Max&Co Coral Maxi Dress

#OOTD Max&Co Coral Maxi Dress

#OOTD Max&Co Coral Maxi Dress

The prices are around the same as Ted Baker and Reiss

Here are some images of their SS collection

#OOTD Max&Co Coral Maxi Dress





A little bit more about Max&Co

  1. An international contemporary fashion brand rooted in Italian prêt-à-porter. Its designs are vibrant and stylish, inspired by the spirit of the times and women’s evolving lifestyles.
  2. Present worldwide with approximately 450 points of sale.
  3. Part of Max Mara Fashion Group.

Check out their website and collection here