“Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Your Body Shape”

Determine your body shape today and find a guideline for each and every body shape, providing you with clothing and accessory recommedations, and DIY styling tricks to help you look your best! The 5 main body shapes are Hourglass body shape, Rectangle Body Shape, Pear Body Shape and of course, Apple and Inverted Triangle.

Let’s face it. Most of us don’t have a proportional hourglass, “ideal” body shape. However, you can create an illusion of an hourglass shape 🙂

Of course, there are body shapes that won’t truly fit into any categories. You might bepetite or plus size. Short or tall. Thin-boned or thick-boned. Large-breasted, something in the middle or small-chested. Slim, curvy, chubby or overweight. And the list goes on.

That said, these body features might distort your frame, making it look like you don’t fit in any of the shapes.

Right now we’re going to look at your overall silhouette– the contours of your frame and how your upper and lower half are in-line with each other — to give you an idea on what you’ll have to focus on to look proportional.

If you just want to know how to wear and what clothes to wear if you have a long torso/short legs or short torso/long legs, etc. then go straight to basics of dressing your body shape. If you’re new to body shapes, please consider reading the rest of this pagefirst.

How to Determine Your Body Shape

1. Step a few feet away from a full-length mirror and blur out your boobs, neck, the length of your legs and arms, and observe your overall body shape. Do this naked as underwear can also disguise what’s really there. For example: Wearing boy shorts can emphasize your hips and make you look more bottom heavy 😉

2. Now, focus on the shape of your torso. And visualize a dress form — shoulders to hips.

It’s the contours of your silhouette that will determine the line and the clothing shapes that are best for your body.

Note: If you gain weight, pay attention to where the pounds get stored, because that’s often a clue to what type of body shape you have.


And now let’s look at which category your body falls into: 

The Body Shapes — there are 5 main combinations of torso proportions:
Pear: Torso and upper body smaller than your hips — with waist definition
Inverted triangle: Torso and upper body wider than your ships — with little waist definition
Rectangle: Torso and upper body are the same width as your hips — little waist definition
Hourglass: Torso and hips are approximately the same width — with waist definition
Apple: Torso and upper body wider than your hips — with little or no waist definition. You might have weight surrounding your waist.

Important note if you can’t seem to fit in a category

What’s most important here is to take a note of the proportions of your body – lower compared to upper half. And then figure out what needs to be trimmed or added to create a proportional body shape. Let me explain: Let’s say this guide identifies your frame as inverted triangle body shape. You definitely have wide shoulders but you do have a waist and little bit of curves. Now what category do belong to now? You could still be an Inverted Triangle because your upper half, the shoulders, are despite everything else, the widest part of your body. Your focus should be to balance it out by adding more width to your lower area.To give you an example here are two ladies who both have a hourglass body shape but with a few differences:

Celebs with hourglass body shape
Image via BULLS
Kelly Brook is apparently a slimmer version of an hourglass body shape because of her thinner bone  structure and overall size. Kate Winslet on the other hand is an hourglass but with a less defined waist and slightly fleshy hips (mind me, Kelly Brook is definitely wearing a waist cincher 😉 ). She could almost pass for a rectangle or a pear shape. For some this would make her, I don’t know, a rectangle-hourglass-pear? This usually confuses you because it doesn’t indicate what specific category she’s in. In my book Kate is a hourglass. Forget about squeezing yourself in one single group! Look at the bigger picture — if your overall figure is an hourglass but you have some extra weight around the waist find ways to slim that area down (like apple shape tips) as well as follow the guidelines for your body shape!There is just something about us humans, both men and women who find proportions beautiful and appealing. It’s just visualliy appealing to the eye! It doesn’t matter if you’re a plus size or small petite. The point here is to create a proportional hourglasse silhouette on your frame because that’s what strikes the eye.

Let’s take a closer look at each torso combination(body shape)!

Here are the 5 Common Body Shapes

Pear body shape pin

Pear Body Shape

1. You have a well-defined waist

2. Your bust and shoulders are proportionally narrower than your hip-line

3. Your thighs and maybe your butt might be full and rounded

Inverted triangle body shape pin

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

1. Your bust and shoulders are proportionally wider than your hips

2. Your hips are narrow

3. You might have slim legs related to this inverted shape

4. You might have a flat butt

Rectangle body shape pin

Rectangle Body Shape

1. Your bust and shoulders are about the same width as your hip-line

2. You might look shorter and heavier than you really are

3. You have little waist definition

Hourglass body shape pin

Hourglass Body Shape

1. Your bust and shoulders are at the same width as your hips

2. You have a defined waist

3. When gaining weight, the fat usually stores evenly throughout your body

Apple body shape pin

Apple Body Shape

1. You have the appearance of being round, slightly wide around the waistline
2. Your waistline is undefined

3. Your hips and butt are wide and full

4. Your silhouette is round usually due to overweight or childbirth