I don’t think their is anything more perfect than a little white dress….

They can be dressed down for a very casual simple chic look – as what i’m trying to do below

Or dressed up for a sexy showstopping look!

The best thing about a little white dress is that you can wear it with absolutely anything…

For my look I below did a bit of monochrome but I also love to wear is with the following:

  1. do all white!
  2. bold bright colours
  3. brown

#OOTD - Little White Dress

#OOTD - Little White Dress

CSC_0128 (3)


CSC_0129 (3)

CSC_0130 (3)


Outfit details: 

Dress: Zara – new

Bag: Mulberry – old but still in store

Shoes: Iconic