Belly Dance in Dubai…..

Tired of crunching your way to better abs? Why not enter the magical world of belly dance and shimmy your way to a sexy stomach instead?  Belly dance is a lovely art form that is accessible to women of all ages and body types. Get an energising, thorough workout in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere at James & Alex Dance Studios.  Learn to move gracefully to mystical, ancient rhythms. And better still, no dance experience is required!

Belly dancers aren’t just wiggling and jiggling their hips; they’re getting an ab workout that sculpts almost every single muscle in their core — even the hard-to-target, deep transverse abdominals. Believed to be a folk dance originating from the exotic Middle East, belly dancing isn’t just about moving the stomach.  In fact its’ sensual movements involve the whole body.  A single session uses hundreds of muscles to burn calories and work the troublesome areas around the stomach and hips.

James & Alex Dance Studios, situated in the heart of Dubai’s Media City, offer the opportunity to shake your stuff with belly dancing classes for a range of abilities.  Classes are taught by experienced and charismatic instructor and choreographer, Athena Oumachiche.  Athena will work with you to help you relax as she teaches the techniques you need to become an accomplished belly dancer and also get in shape!

Belly dance classes are just AED 55 each or 10 class packages are available for AED 500.