How to wear all black

Black: it can be distinguished, classy, mysterious, and even rebellious — it all depends on how you wear it. Black is semi-unique among colors in that it goes well with almost everything, but what about just keeping it simple and going all black.

You might notice from my posts that I love colour so this is not often a look I would go for I also think it could look like it lacks creativity but then I thought again! I have to say I very much enjoyed wearing this out fit. Her are the pros:

  1. You can spill anything on it and it does not really show – massive plus for me!
  2. Its urber flattering
  3. You cant really go wrong

Today’s outfit was from the following stores:

The top is super old from Coast

Culottes are new from Iconic

Shoes old Aldo

Bag old Mulberry

#OOTD How to wear all black

#OOTD How to wear all black

#OOTD How to wear all black

#OOTD How to wear all black

#OOTD How to wear all black


In Dubai as its so hot I thought I should point out that you need to Be aware of the different black fabrics available. Its not the best colour to wear in the Dubai heat — different black fabrics will have different textures that can affect the way they look and feel on you. Knowing these variations will allow you to experiment and create the ideal black outfit.

See below for just a few fabrics commonly worn in black:

  • Cotton: Breathable and comfortable. Flat appearance. A good general fabric choice when it comes to black clothing. Unlike other shades, black cotton doesn’t darken when wet.
  • Polyester: Less breathable, but resistant to wrinkling. Soft and smooth. Good for black casual wear.
  • Silk: Smooth, shiny, sleek.[3] In black, it looks luxurious, even decadent. Generally best for men to limit themselves to one silk item per outfit — women can sometimes get away with more.
  • Leather: Strong and tough. Can be flat or shiny depending on the finish. In black, it can give a tough “biker” look or a sleek, “clean” one, depending on the fit and the smoothness of the leather.