So I have decided today that I think white and nude is really cute together.

I wore a nude skirt from NewLook and a white t-shirt for a really simple yet sleek (if I can say that myself!) look

Here is a bit of inspiration on other girls wearing white and nude

What do you think something you might wear?

Oh and the last snap is my hair today! I wanted to throw this in as every time I do this style its so simple and I get so many comments on how great it looks! Its actually really simple and the reason I tend to di is because I have greasy hair and it needs a wash!!!

Here’s how to do it: Separate your hair into pig tails, plait them and then just secure on the top of your head and that’s how simple it really is!!!

White and nude 3

White and nude 4

White and nude 5

White and nude 6

White and nude 1

White and nude 2