Fashion Forward launched it’s third season with a bang and hype that outlasted the three-day show. Dubai is the region’s favorite destination that caters to art, design, film and fashion alike, in different doses.

Fashion Forward held 18 catwalk shows, six were by FFWD debutants, including established UAE names such as Emirati designer Zareena Yousuf, who also brought her Zareena label on the final day.

“FFWD, with the support of Dubai Design District (d3), is committed to bringing high caliber experts to the region and each season we work together to curate a diverse roster of talks and discussions to complement the sartorial side of the event,” said Bong Guerrero, founder and CEO of Fashion Forward.

The lineup included: Amato from the Philippines, ASUDARI by Lamia Asudari, Lebanese fashion designer’s label Bashar Assaf, Lebanese designer Rami Kadi, Emperor 1688, Essa by Essa Bhagoorwala, Tahir Sultan of Kuwaiti and Indian heritage, Manila-born designer Ezra, Starch Foundation Designers, House of Ronald, Moroccan designer Said Mahrouf, Taller Marmo by Riccardo Audisio and Yago Goicoeche, Velsvoir X Patrick Hellmann, Zareena, Zayan The Label and Jean Louis Sabaji.

Emperor was founded by three brothers, Babak Golkar, Haman Golkar and Farhan Golkar in 2007. Dressed to impress, the good-looking trio told Saudi Gazette they look to empower the Middle East fashion scene further. “There is this thing about Arab men. They are always well kept. Even if it’s their thobe or pair of shoes, they have this aura, that ensures everything is proper when they step out.”

People browsed through over 70 accessories designers in The Garden, while networking with designers and members of the fashion community. While most guests dressed in their finest, many fashionistas and bloggers showcased local names and wore the regions favorite brands as opposed to common international ones. Each year, haute couture is redefined by the local fashion community as they help add different flavors and show off their eccentric personal collection.

The shows incorporated presentations, talks and panel discussions as part of this season’s ‘d3 Fashion Talks’.
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