When it comes to meeting the parents, just remember the following rules:
1. Always be yourself.
2. Make the extra effort to look polished, put-together, and still like you.
Translation: We know you wouldn’t show up in sweats (even the fashionable kind), but it’s not the best time to rock your ripped-up boyfriend jeans and crop top either. So, what should you wear? Here are 10 outfit ideas for the big meeting that are stylish and totally parent-proof. And don’t worry, they’re going to loveyou.

What to Wear to Meet the Parents: Ladylike Lace
Pairing crochet and lace (in soft baby blue, no less) gives off a cool, creative vibe. Just make sure you have a full-coverage camisole underneath the top. You don’t want to fidget with bra straps while giving the folks your background story.


What to Wear to Meet the Parents: Sophisticated Flowers


Need to express your flower power in the most ladylike way possible? Peace, love, and parental acceptance are a sure thing with this floral ensemble. If someone makes a comment about the headband, just casually mention that they were recently featured in the New York Times
What to Wear to Meet the Parents: Playful Plaid
Plaid is festive, adorable, and timeless…all things that go over well with moms and dads. Play up the pattern by choosing a jacket with hints of red; this attention to fashion detail will make a great conversation starter (without being too matchy-matchy).

What to Wear to Meet the Parents: A Little Mod
Wearing all black doesn’t have to be depressing or a fashion cop-out. Choose a boxy mod sweater and patterned pants, and don’t forget to finish with a red lip—it’s stylish, classic, and most likely a shade his mom would have worn back in the day.


What to Wear to Meet the Parents: White Out
There’s something bold and brave about wearing white after Labor Day, and our favorite un-color is perfectly suitable for a casually dressed-up meet-and-greet with the parental units.

What to Wear to Meet the Parents: Blue Period
Stumped for what to wear? Just pick a color, any color—and wear a whole lot of it. It’ll show ’em you can make a decision and stick to it.
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