So I have come across another amazing concept boutique in Dubai. Providing an eclectic collection of everything, from fashion to beauty to lifestyle accents, that will take artistic creativity to new heights.

Head down Jumeirah Beach Road, in that corner where a lonely shopping mall called Mercato resides you will discover Bullets and Butterflies.

Its owners, two Emirati ladies Hind Bin Kherbash and Alia Bin Kherbash, have created the idea of introducing new talent and creating a platform to showcase them to Dubai’s brand-conscious shoppers will help the brand carve a niche in the local fashion scene.

Bullets & Butterflies underlines the importance of uniqueness when it comes to personal style and understands how customers in this part of the world are in need of fashion that can help them better express their individuality. “We truly started working on the boutique around a year and a half ago when both of us felt the need for Dubai to have a store that stocks showpieces for those who really like to creatively express themselves through fashion,” the owners explained.

And this we agree with. Since the invasion of the Louis Vuitton Speedies and the Chanel Jumbos, the largely unsatisfied demand for one-of-a-kind pieces from budding designers has been becoming an increasingly visible gap in the fashion industry. More and more people are asking for a broader spectrum of style choices, one that goes beyond the confines of overmarketed, centuries-old fashion brands. This means the market is maturing, which is a good thing. Enough with the dream of becoming the next [unpaid] brand ambassador for Gucci, we say.

So what’s in store for future shoppers? An edited selection bearing labels such as A-Morir by Kerin Rose, Ann-Sofie Back, Funktional, Imogen Belfield, Rike Feurstein Bebaroque, Belle Sauvage, and Emirati menswear designer Naz Cannon will grace the racks of the boutique.

Don’t recognise any of these brands? We think that’s kind of the point. These days, the less recognisable the stuff you’re wearing, the better. Besides, just because something isn’t manufactured by one of LVMH’s or PPR’s many many companies doesn’t mean it’s not good. On the contrary, look at this stuff:

The question begs to be asked, though, how will Bullets & Butterflies fare against already established rivals such as s*uce, which very recently initiated Two Scoops, a fashion brand building and distribution agency aimed at putting the spotlight on local talent? It seems like the two stores have a similar motto as far as independent talent is concerned. We’ll just have to wait and see.
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