Do you want to look good working out? Here is how.

  1. Do not combine a sweat shirt with sweat pants; wear sweats and a t-shirt or shorts and a t-shirt.
  2. If you have a good figure do not be afraid to show it off
  3. Don’t think that investing in sexy sports wear is a waist of money – if you feel good in the gym your work out will be easier and you may want to even stay longer to show of your new kit
  4. If you go swimming Remember to shave
  5. Wear your hair in a ponytail. If you are following “The Plastic’s” dress code, wear your hair in a headband. If you leave it down, it may become a mess.
  6. Always keep a brush in your locker.
  7. Always keep deodorant in your locker. Having really bad body odor is awful. People will not appreciate it when you are playing a sport and your arm is up, as you will stink.
  8. Buy a pair of cute tennis shoes to keep in your locker.


  • Always smile
  • Bring hairspray so you can keep your hair in place.
  • Keep a spare makeup bag in your gym bag, include shampoo, conditioner etc.
  • Avoid wearing jewellery to gym, as it may be damaged or broken.
  • Bring a towel so you can wipe away sweet
  • Always bring water
  • Bring an Ipod it makes time go a lot faster